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Spa Packages and Services

At Balance Holistic Health Spa, there is a wide range of holistic treatments to pamper you and enhance your well-being. The services include Massage, Facials, Body Wraps and Scrubs, Teeth Whitening, and Sound Healing with Tibetan and Crystal Bowl Healing. Whether you're looking for relaxation, rejuvenation, or healing, my love for helping my clients will provide you with a blissful experience.
Client receiving a massage and facial at Balance Holistic Health Spa

Spa Packages and Services

Ultimate Splurge Spa Package
After a day of activities in Truckee , NorthStar or Soda Springs,  pamper yourself with the Ultimate Splurge Spa Package. Includes a one hour custom massage, one hour custom facial and one hour custom body scrub.
​3 hours $349

Perfect Combo Facial and Massage
Unwind with the spas ideal relaxation duo especially after a long day hinging in Truckee. Includes a 60 minute custom facial and 60 minute custom massage. 
2 hours $244

Mini Perfect Combo Spa Package
Need a break while the kids are playing in Truckee? Indulge yourself in the Spas relaxation combination with a 45 minute custom massage 45 minute custom facial.
90 minutes $199

Spa Services

Spas Heated Stone Massage
Rounded stones heated to 140 degrees massaged into the muscles for a treatment you will not soon forget!  The heat from the stones relaxes and releases deep tension in the body. Its one of the more popular services at the Spa.
120 minutes $229
​90 minutes $199​
Spas Thai Body Poultice
Drift away tension with this unforgettable traditional Thai Herbal Poultice Spa Treatment from 14th century Thailand. I use cloth filled with herbs, steamed and rolled on the body to release the benefits of the organic herbs that are absorbed by the body to help reduce aches awhile also detoxing and conditioning the skin. Includes a Thai pressure point meridian massage for the perfect combination.
120 minutes $249
90  minutes $219
75 minutes $189

Spas Body Wraps & Scrubs
Detox Body Wrap - This powerful wrap assists in the elimination of toxins that have built up in the body.
Contouring Body Wrap - This spicy warming treatment that helps to tone and sculpt the body. 
High Altitude Hydration Body Wrap - Give your body a new skin full of hydration.
All Body Wraps 75 minutes $169

Spas Body Peels
Peptide Body Peel - As we age we slow production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, some of the things that keep us hydrated and wrinkle free on our face and our body. I exfoliate the skin with a rice scrub and exfoliation tool, peel with a lilac infused peptide peel, mask and moisturize the body.  Your body will be well exfoliated so you need to be out of the direct Truckee sun for 5 days without sunscreen. ​
50% Glycolic Peel - Exfoliation is as important for the body as it is for the face. Peel away sun damage and dead skin cells to reveal the beautiful skin underneath with this 50% glycolic acid peel.  I exfoliate the body, peel with a 50% Glycolic Peel, mask and moisturize. Stay out of the direct sun without sunscreen for 5 days.
All body peels 90 minutes $300

Spas Sugar and Salt Scrubs
After a day in the dry environment of Lake Tahoe try the Spas salt or sugar scrubs to rejuvenate your skin. I use organic Salts and Sugars to exfoliate the body, then mask and moisturize. Your skin will be glowing!!
​75 minutes $169

Spas Teeth Whitening
indulge yourself with a teeth whitening while your in Truckee. This one hour treatment uses 16% hydrogen peroxide and a Blue LED light to whiten your teeth between 10 to 15 shades.  ​
​60 minutes $200
Sound Healing
Sound Healing with Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls
Tibetan Sings bowls have been around for thousands of years. Each bowl is a unique hand made musical instrument and the sound produced is rich in harmonic overtones. The brain and body tends to synchronize it's frequency with the outside world...
Tibetan singing bowl muscle relief - This session works on releasing blockages in the body. 60 minutes $129
Tibetan singing bowl Self Healing - This session teaches how to use the Tibetan sound bowls to self heal 60 minutes $129
Tibetan singing bowl cleansing session - This session works on releasing emotional blockages and clearing the Charkas. 60 minutes $129


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