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Massage Services

After 18 years I still love what I do!! If you have dysfunction in your body and need a deep tissue massage or you just need a relaxing a massage, I will customize a session that you will not soon forget. I use organic Jojoba oil for the massage, essential oils, crystals and healing energy to add to your experience.


Deep Mountain Healing Custom Massage
This custom massage is perfect if you need a deep tissue massage or Swedish massage. The massage is a perfect end of the day in Truckee or after a day on the mountain at NorthStar.
120 minutes $219
90 minutes $189
75 minutes $159
60 minutes $129

Heated Stone Massage
Stones heated to 140 degrees used to  massage the body  giving deep muscle relief.
120 minutes $229
90 minutes $199
Mothers to be Massage
Extra tension and pain is very common when you are caring for two. A massage is the pampering moms needs.
90 minute $189
75 minutes $159
60 minutes $129
Asian Fire Cupping
I use Asian fire cupping for muscle dysfunction. Contact your Acupuncturist for medical issues.
60 minutes $129

Thai Body Poultice Massage
Drift away tension with this unforgettable traditional Thai Herbal Poultice Massage from 14th century Thailand. Cloth bags full of herbs from Thailand steamed to release the benefits of the organic herbs that are absorbed by the body to help reduce aches while also detoxifying and conditioning the skin. A pressure point meridian massage is included in this treatment.
120 minute $249
90 minutes $219
75 minute $189

​Perfect Combo Facial and Massage
Unwind with the spas ideal relaxation duo especially after a long day hiking in Truckee or the kids are playing on the hill at NorthStar.. Includes a 60 minute custom facial and 60 minute custom massage. 
2 hours $244

Mini Perfect Combo Facial and Massage
Short on time but would love a facial and massage while the kids are skiing at NorthStar? Enjoy this 45 minute custom facial 45 minute custom massage.
90 minutes $299





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