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Facial Services

What makes my facials different? My love for helping someone with their skincare and 18 years of experience with facials, peels and scrubs. Lucrece Skin Care, a skin care line that introduces the oldies but goodies and the latest and greatest ingredients for Acne, Rosacea and Age management.  LED lighting from Light Stim, one of the few companies that have their products approved by the FDA as class II medical devices. A tool that exfoliates and resurfaces your face,

Facials and Skin Care

Perfect Combo Facial and Massage
Unwind with the spas ideal relaxation duo especially after a long day hinging in Truckee. Includes a 60 minute custom facial and 60 minute custom massage. 
2 hours $244

Mini Perfect Combo Facial and Massage
Short on time but would love a facial and massage while the kids are skiing at NorthStar? Enjoy this 45 minute custom facial 45 minute custom massage.
90 minutes $199

Vitamin C Facial Corrective Treatment
This is a clarifying facial that will reservice and correct hyperpigmentation after being in the sun of Lake Tahoe. there could be slight flaking of the skin.
​60 minutes $150

​Facial Poultice
The facial poultice is steamed to soften and release the benefits of the rejuvenating herbs in a soft cloth making for a relaxing facial massage. Stimulating skin cell renewal, lymphatic flow and detoxifying while flushing out toxins is another benefit.
​60 minutes $155

​Teen Facial
Many factors contribute to the cause of acne breakouts for adolescents skin. Let me help with a teen facial unclogging the pores while clearing unwanted breakouts.
​60 minutes $130
Stem Cell Facial Corrective Treatment
Botanical (plant and Fruit) stem cells represent a major break through in skin care, we now have the technology available to improve the life of our skins most important component. Slight faking of the skin may occur.
​60 minutes $150

Peak Hydration Facial
Customized for every skin type, weather your have issues with dryness, breakouts, oiliness or sensitivity. The sun is intense while you are playing in the Soda Springs, Tahoe City or Truckee sun, stop by and let me help.
​60 minutes $130

Microdermabrasion treatment using a minimally abrasive diamond tip instrument to gently sand your skin.
60 minutes $245

Facial ​Peels
Vitamin C Peel Corrective Treatment-Mild to medium peel with a new stable form of ascorbic acid with the addition of orange stem cells. Must stay out of the Truckee sun for 5 days.
TCA 10 Peel-Trichloriacetic Acid is a non-toxic no traumatic medium depth chemical peel. TCA has the advantages of reaching slightly deeper into the skin than Alpha-Hydroxy Acids, Glycolic, Latic, Malic, Tartaric and Citric and in being suitable for most skin types. You will see visible peeling for 10 days.

​Peptide Peel with Lilac Leaf Stem Cell Corrective-A glycolic acid based peel with the infusion of numerous peptide and lilac leaf stem cells, this professional treatment is designed for age management skin types. There is slight flaking of the skin. Must stay out of the Truckee Sun for 10 days.
Salicylic Acid Peel - Corrective - If you have or have had acne this is the peel for you. This facial peel will cause peeling of the skin. Must stay out of the Truckee sun for 10 days.
All peels 60 minutes $250





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