Perfect Combo massage and facial

Unwind with the spas ideal relaxation duo after a long day hiking in Truckee. Includes a 60 minute massage, swedish massage or Deep Tissue massage and a custom facial. Skin care education offered with all of our facials. $244

Mini Perfect Combo massage and facial

Indulge yourself with a 45 minute massage deep tissue massage or swedish massage and a 45 minute Custom Facial after a day on the hill at Northstar.. $199

Face, Foot and Scalp

This 90 minute facial with a sensitive skin peel and 2 masks and including foot and scalp massage is the perfect way to pamper yourself.


​Five Star Facial

The Five Star Facial, using Stem Cells and Peptides, is designed to work in synergy with your own skins natural functions. Good exfoliation is important in the treatment and prevention for aging and pigmentation issues especially in the dry climate of the Sierras. Slight flaking of skin could occur. $165

Stem Cell Facial Corrective Treatment

Botanical (Plant and fruit) stem cells represent a major break through in skin care, we now have the technology available to improve the life of our skins most important component. The skin is resurfaced, there is slight flaking of the skin. $150

Vitamin C Facial Corrective Treatment

This is a clarifying Facial treatment that will resurface the skin after being out of the Lake Tahoe sun. There will be slight flaking of the skin. $130

Peak Hydration Facial

Customized for every skin type. Whether you have issues with dryness, breakouts, oiliness, or sensitivity, the peak hydration facial uses a variety of products to fit just what your skin needs to hydrate after a day playing in Soda Springs. $130

Teen Facial

Many factors contribute to the cause of acne breakouts for adolescents skin. Let us help with a teen facial by unclogging the pores to remove debris and diminish the appearance of pores while clearing up unwanted breakouts. $130

Facial Poultice

The Facial Poultice is steamed to soften and release the benefits of the rejuvenating herbs enclosed in a soft cloth, making for a relaxing facial massage. Stimulating skin cell renewal, lymphatic flow, and detoxifying while flushing out toxins is another. $155

Relaxing Facial Massage

For those who want to unwind and de-stress after a day of shopping in Tahoe City, the relaxing facial massage is the perfect treat. $115

Uplifting Mini Facial

The perfect choice when time is of the essence. 30 minute facial $80

Vitamin C Peel Corrective Treatment
Vitamin C peel. A mild to medium peel with a new stable form of ascorbic acid and with the addition of orange stem cells. Must stay out of the Tahoe Sun $250

TCA 10 Peel - Corrective Treatment

TCA (Trichloriacetic Acid) is a non-toxic, no-traumatic medium depth chemical peel. TCA has the advantages of reaching slightly deeper into the skin than Alpha-Hydroxy Acids Glycolic, Lactic, Malic, Tartaric, and Citric and in being suitable for most skin types. You must stay out of the Tahoe Sun. You will see visible peeling for 10 days. $250
Peptide Peel w/ Lilac Leaf Stem Cell-Corrective
A glycolic acid based peel with the infusion of numerous peptides and lilac leaf stem cells, this professional treatment is designed for age management skin types. There is slight flaking of the skin. Must stay out of the Tahoe sun. $200
Salicylic Acid Peel - Corrective
If you have or have had acne this is the peel for you. This treatment can cause peeling of the skin. Must stay out of the Tahoe sun. $220
Microdermabrasion - Corrective

Microdermabrasion treatments use a minimally abrasive Diamond tip instrument to gently sand your skin. $245

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