Peptide Body Peel 
As we age we stop producing collagen, Hyaluronic acid and many other things that keep us hydrated and wrinkle free. Regenerate your skin with a Peptide Peel sealed in with Stem Cell Mask on hands, arms, deciliter and back. Must be out of sun for 5 days after treatment. $300

50% Glycolic Body Peel
Exfoliation is as important for the body as it is for the face. Peel away sun damage and dead skin cells to reveal the beautiful skin underneath with this 50% Glycolic Acid Peel on your hands, arms, deciliter and back. Must be out of the sun for 5 days after treatment. $250

Salt Body Scrub

After a day in the dry environment of Truckee the spas body scrubs and body peels will exfoliate the dead skin cells and leave your skin rejuvenated.

Sugar Body Scrub
Using Mary Magdonine organic sugar scrubs. Each scrub is made by hand at home with organic, 100% natural ingredients, and is packaged specifically for you. $169

Detox Body Wrap
This powerful wrap assists in the elimination of toxins that have built up in the body. Curcumin fount in Tumeric enhances detox enzymes promoting internal cell function and Kaffir Lime stimulates the metabolism while harmonizing the body's sense of balance. Boosts the body with renewed purity. $155

Contouring Body Wrap
This spicy warming treatment that helps to tone and sculpt the body for an alluring figure. Eugenol from clove bud stimulates blood vessels for better circulation. Kaffir lime and black pepper assist in the removal of toxic wastes while rice bran feeds the skin with essential nutrients. Result is firmer skin and slender body shape. $155
High Altitude Hydration Body Wrap
Give your body a new skin. This treatment starts with a moisturizing body scrub to remove dead skin cells and gently prepare your skin for a replenishing body. $155

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a client finishing a body wrap and body peel by a massage therapist

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