Lucrece skin care, LED Light therapy, Qyk Sonic, Zoe Bliss is used with my Facials. The newest in massage and body peels and body scrubs are a few of my secrets.  A 30 minute Teeth Whitening to freshen your teeth can be the final touch

​When you step through the door after a long day playing in Truckee, my hand picked elements will help Balance your Body, Mind and Spirit to a new calmer state. Retail includes massage items, after care for facials, gift items and teeth whitening supplies

A room where I do Massage and Facials. A Massage and Facial table with a steamer and a case of Lucrece Skin Care products

Balance Holistic Health Spa 9705 Highway 267 Suite 1 Truckee Ca 96161

Enjoy the Spas Perfect Combo, One Hour  Custom Facial and One Hour Swedish Massage or Deep Tissue Massage after your day in Kings Beach, Tahoe City or Northstar.

Enjoy a Peak Hydration Facial

Massage & Facial Spas Facility using Lucrece Products



After a day in Kings Beach at Northstar or Tahoe City, consider a Spa PackageMassage, Facial, Body Scrub or, Body Peel with a Teeth Whitening while you are near me. Every session is customized unlike other Spas.

Book a Self Service Teeth Whitening with your Massage & Facial.  Spas make a great stop after your Northstar adventure, Tahoe City shopping or Kings Beach experience.

Try our Cutting-Edge Facials and Massage and Spas Treatments

​​​​​​Spas ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Massage, Facial and Teeth Whitening 9AM - 7PM    530.562.1164​​​​​​

Teeth whitening in a serene setting

Try a Massage or Poultice Massage Treatment. I have been doing Deep Tissue Massage since 2006. Do you have chronic pain in shoulders, hips or neck? Come see me!

​As an owner operated business I offer a personalized level of service you will not find anywhere else . I have been offering Massage, Facials in Truckee for over 17 years and Teeth Whitening for over 5 years

Customizing Facials and Massage is what I love to do!!

The Lobby at Balance Holistic Health spa with a retail cabinet with Lucrece Skin Care products and products from light the fire with in

Try the Spas best Massage & Facials in Truckee, Soda Springs, Northstar

The facial and skincare room with a women having a mask applied by an esthetiation
Thai Poultice treatment with a massage
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